2023 wedding trends micro wedding eco-friendly sustainable

2023 Wedding Trends: Intimate Micro Weddings, Sustainable and More

2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for weddings, with plenty of fresh and innovative trends emerging in the world of wedding planning. Here are a few of the hottest wedding trends for 2023:

2023 wedding trends micro wedding

Intimate, micro weddings. With the ongoing impact of the pandemic, many couples are opting for smaller, more intimate celebrations with their closest family and friends. Micro weddings, which typically include just a handful of guests, are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow couples to still have a beautiful and meaningful ceremony without the expense and stress of a larger event.
    2023 wedding trends eco friendly
    Sustainable, eco-friendly weddings. More and more couples are looking for ways to make their weddings environmentally friendly, from choosing local, organic foods and flowers to using sustainable decor and recycling wherever possible.
      2023 wedding trends virtual wedding planning tools
      Virtual wedding planning. The pandemic has also led to the rise of virtual wedding planning, with many couples and vendors turning to online tools and platforms to plan and execute their weddings from a distance.
        2023 wedding trends personalized wedding

          Personalized, unique wedding themes. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter weddings – in 2023, couples are looking to create truly unique and personalized experiences for themselves and their guests. Whether it's a vintage-inspired ceremony, a rustic barn reception, or a tropical destination wedding, 2023 is all about celebrating individuality and creativity.

          2023 wedding trends local sourced food charcuterie

          Food and beverage trends. Food and drink are an integral part of any wedding, and in 2023 we'll see an emphasis on locally-sourced, organic ingredients and creative, custom cocktails. From charcuterie boards to farm-to-table dinners, 2023 is all about showcasing the best of what your region has to offer.

            Overall, 2023 is shaping up to be a year of innovation and adaptability in the world of weddings, with couples and vendors alike finding new ways to make their big day special and memorable. So, if you're planning a wedding in 2023, be prepared to think outside the box and create a truly unique and personal experience for yourself and your guests.

            Are you planning any of these wedding trends in your celebration?  Let me know in the comments below!  Thanks for reading!

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